Nigel B Patterson

Practice: Transformation Coach
Location: California, USA
Delivery Method: In-person, Skype

Nigel B. Patterson

Nigel B. Patterson

In modern life it is no longer possible to separate our personal, social and business lives. They are all interwoven; one affects the others. It is through the healthy integration of all aspects that we find meaning and purpose in our lives. My clients value that I have personally travelled this sometimes difficult journey of integration and share my experiences as I guide and support them on their own paths of transformation and evolution.

In a previous life I was a senior executive in a major international IT organization in South Africa. Utilizing my strong engineering and management background I left to successfully start, build and profitably sell two companies, both founded on the principles of spiritual intelligence, one in South Africa and the other in Australia. Thereafter, I formalized my training as a transpersonal counsellor creating a successful practice in Sydney. From this unique position, today I coach clients and their teams to ensure a holistic and lasting approach to transformation. I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Either way you look at life, it is what it is. You may choose to shut it off, but be assured that life will find another way in to remind you that you are on a path of greatness. So you...
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