Matt Zonca

Since 2008 I’ve read for a wide variety of individuals and groups in everywhere from professional reading rooms through to cafes, clubs and restaurants, to even sitting with a client in their car simply because that is where they felt best comfortable! As a reader I’m quite fascinated by what causes us to question where the future What does it hold? What possibilities?

Aleni Matsas

Aleni Matsas runs a Holistic Healing practice and is passionate in supporting your body’s innate intelligence for self healing and transformation to be the best you can be. Her ability to create a sacred space and delve into the wisdom of the soul takes you on an empowering path of self discovery and transformation to restore and awaken your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual consciousness. Aleni is a qualified Energetic Healer, Reiki Master, Meditation Facilitator, Astrologer, and Numerologist.

Kassandra Scardino

For me trying to help people where ever I can was something that I was born with. From a young age I was able to read people and give advice from a non bias view. I grew to be more intuitive and when I was  ready to accept this talent, choose to make a career as a Pranic Healer by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui teachings. For me healing comes naturally. Teaching people to break there own boundaries for growth so as not to depend on treatments but rather prevention is the motto I follow. My greatest gift is my openness to all being, the ability to relate to all and share great love on a non judgmental way. It’s the hard times that shape the most of who we are in the world like depression, dealing with bullying or low self esteem. I have delt with all of them but they give me a pathway to understand people. My spiritual studies consist of Pranic Healing, Crystal, Palm Reading and Tibetan Singing Bowls.  Angels are a huge part of my life and belief in Human Angels. On my spare time I work on a community garden space situated in the heart of the city Sydney in Surry Hills. The space was developed to promote community projects, wellbeing and a screen for educational documentaries.

Joy Lin

Joy Lin has been involved in energetic healing and spiritual practices for several years. She has received a Certificate of Energetic Healing from International College of Healing and Metaphysics in Sydney, Australia.  She is also Reiki certified from Nature Care College in Sydney, Australia.

Marcy Ellen

Rev. Marcy Ellen is the author of The Soul Truth; Reflections for the Waking Soul. She is a spiritual teacher, channel, energy healer, Reiki Master, radio host, and a writer for OM Times Magazine. She has a Master of Divinity Degree from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. She and her two children reside in Colorado.

Tina Wilkins

After experiencing ill health myself I turned to the holistic world to seek assistance and return to wellbeing, I trained as a Usui Tibetan Reiki master, Crystal Healer & Tutor, Indian Head Masseur, Metamorphic Technique Practitioner and Transformation game Facilitator, Inspirational speaker, as well as being a Psychic Medium offering readings, groups, platform & corporate events. I am passionate about energetic healing and the help available through linking with higher channels of consciousness to assist us on our journey. 

As a tutor I love to inspire and watch as people step into themselves wholly through mindfulness and spiritual awareness.  Spirit Essence was born through this higher guidance and has been operating for over 8 years offering services that look after the whole of your well being. My motto is Life is for living Loving and giving and my aim is to create a space for personal growth and awareness which leads to empowerment and inner peace.

Nigel B. Patterson

In modern life it is no longer possible to separate our personal, social and business lives. They are all interwoven; one affects the others. It is through the healthy integration of all aspects that we find meaning and purpose in our lives. My clients value that I have personally travelled this sometimes difficult journey of integration and share my experiences as I guide and support them on their own paths of transformation and evolution.

In a previous life I was a senior executive in a major international IT organization in South Africa. Utilizing my strong engineering and management background I left to successfully start, build and profitably sell two companies, both founded on the principles of spiritual intelligence, one in South Africa and the other in Australia. Thereafter, I formalized my training as a transpersonal counsellor creating a successful practice in Sydney. From this unique position, today I coach clients and their teams to ensure a holistic and lasting approach to transformation. I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mitchell Woods

Mitchell Woods is a health and fitness professional with an extensive background working with a diverse clientele. Training athletes from a number of different sports, personal training, rehabilitation clients and people with disabilities. His approach to physical wellness is that the mind, body and spirit are all interdependent. As a result, optimal health can only be achieved when these three key aspects of well-being are integrated and balanced. 

Jeremy Damec

My life calling is to provide you with messages of guidance, support, and reassurance from departed loved ones and spirit guides.  I approach each reading with love, sensitivity, and compassion.  At the end of your reading, my intention is for you to feel uplifted and empowered, and to know that you are supported and loved. 

I believe the soul continues after the transition called death. My experiences as a medium have proven to me, our personality, our likes and dislikes, and the essence of who we are continues on after the physical body falls away.  Those in spirit have much to teach us, and are ever eager to share their knowledge and guidance with us in our everyday lives.

Vanessa Brett

Vanessa is an Intuitive Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Empath. She has been working with Healing energy and Reiki for the last few years. Vanessa incorporates Sharmanic techniques,Crystals and Ritual practices as an ongoing treatment plan for the client to continue their own personal journey of wellness therapy and spiritual enlightenment. 

Being able to see and hear spirit since she was born Vanessa can help others who may need to learn how to shut down, turn off and protect themselves and learn to work with spirit on their own terms.