You can find more information and insights about the messages you get from the cards here. Look for the messages below by the card's title. These additional messages provide support and advice from other healing contributors that will provide you insight and a new perspective to the message you received.

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Square Hole, Round Peg Sometimes the fastest way forward is the longest way around. Circumstances have proven that trying to push ahead is only serving to send you through the same cycles. Your need to bring about the change that you...
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Great Expectations Be mindful of the fact that your energy will flow with your thoughts. If you allow yourself to get caught up in your own projection of the future - a place that doesn’t (yet) exist - your current circumstances...
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Detachment from the Plan   It is good to have a strong projection of the future. But there is a fine line between being pragmatic and being pedantic. You are being called to reconcile your projection of the future, with your...
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The bells are chiming and you can no longer ignore what has been evident to you for some time now. Change and action is required. What was mainly felt will soon be seen. You can no longer ignore the truth that you...
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  It is hard to watch someone suffer or push you away, when all you want to do is reach out to them.  But sometimes, it is the space you need to give them to work through their own process that...
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If you have drawn this card, take some time to reflect on what courage means for you. Think back to a time when you have felt or even witnessed courage expressed that resonated for you. Once you have done this, think...
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Love or Fear?  We can’t really physically hold on to either of these things, but we do.  We strive to keep the things and ones we love in our lives but ironically when we hold on to love in our lives...
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Love is just that, love.  Attachment is desire.  It is the ego holding on in the fear of letting go.  So how do you love someone without desire essentially?    But that is not the question at hand.  What is...
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