You can find more information and insights about the messages you get from the cards here. Look for the messages below by the card's title. These additional messages provide support and advice from other healing contributors that will provide you insight and a new perspective to the message you received.

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There are many sides to the story, if viewed from different angles.  What you witness on the surface may not be what the true struggle is inside.  Keep this in mind as you have compassion for another in your situation. Blame...
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Disappointment usually comes from expectations.  People say, no expectations, no disappointments.  But we all have them, the slight hope and then the feeling of being let down.  Why is that?  Well, I believe that within the spark of light within...
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Sorry to say that or burst your bubble for some of you, but it is true.  Sometimes what you get from another in terms of a reaction/non-reaction is usually about their issues and personal on-goings in life.  So what might appear...
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