You can find more information and insights about the messages you get from the cards here. Look for the messages below by the card's title. These additional messages provide support and advice from other healing contributors that will provide you insight and a new perspective to the message you received.

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Two Sides to Every Coin Everyone casts themselves as the hero in their own story. Be honest with yourself about the role you have played, not only in your current circumstances, but in the confluence of events which have brought you...
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  Neutrality One of the greatest attributing factors to the experience of suffering in the physical world is our need to continually perceive and label events and situations in our lives as either good or bad. All perception is illusion. Good...
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Welcome to the SIMPLE LOVE ADVICE Radio Show Hosted by Rev. Marcy Ellen!   We will be talking about a card topic each show with our practitioner community, so email us your relationship questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Or post it here! They...
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