Disappointment usually comes from expectations.  People say, no expectations, no disappointments.  But we all have them, the slight hope and then the feeling of being let down.  Why is that?  Well, I believe that within the spark of light within ourselves we find that light within another.  And during an exchange, we connect and hope that their light will shine as brightly as we see it within them to share with us and others.  But then… something happens. 

Fear, ego, baggage, free will.  NOTHING to do with you, but everything to do with their journey.  But yet, it affects you.  Why?  Because you had hope for them, in whatever capacity.  You found a member of your soul group and you want to connect.  However, this other person may or may not be ready to connect to you on the level you desire.  Everyone is doing the best they can at the given moment in their lives.  Everyone thinks, ponders, wonders and wishes.  We are all growing and doing the best we can in our given circumstances.  So though you may have experienced disappointment.  Do not fret, for the only person you are disappointing is the expectations you created in your head… So calm those expectations and have faith in that everything is occurring perfectly in the manner it should.  WITHOUT expectation.