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Joshua Hancock


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Listen to your ‘gut feeling’.


In the Vedic traditions, the third chakra, Manipura, is located at the naval. It is where we receive energies, and also where we analyse them, which is why we get ‘knots’ in our stomach, why we experience ‘butterflies’.


Your instincts aren’t wrong. It is your head and your heart that step in and make you second guess yourself.


In relationship dynamics, it is common to find one person more naturally inclined to playing the role of ‘gardener’ to another’s ‘garden’. Gardens tend to be more self-centric. If you find that you’re constantly having to bend over backwards to maintain the dynamic, put down those sheers and pull back for a while.

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I believe that readings are an opportunity to receive guidance, clarify direction and connect with loved ones who have passed.  I don't use divinatory tools to assist in my readings. I prefer to let my guides steer the reading by passing through the messages that they feel you need to hear. These messages are passed in an effort to help guide you to your path. Readings generally touch on relationships, health and career. 

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