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Vanessa Brett

Practice: Reiki Master, Card Readings
Location: Sydney, AUS
Delivery Method: In person, Skype

Give in to Love

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Love is not something that can be given or taken away as Love will always reside within you. Love is one of the most pure beautiful feelings and energetic states that we can experience. Open yourself up to LOVE.

Being in line with Love is being in Line with the creator/universe/God/Goddess we all have different names. It is a natural human right to feel a state of Love and Grace.

Some of us may forget how to open up to love again while others may love anyone and everyone. Closing off to love is a learned behavior, generally from previous hurts or pain. The good news is that we are human and we heal release pain and suffering and retrain previously conditioned behaviors.

For the closed hearted start by clearing out the heart chakra with mediation. You can sit with your hands in prayer position and imagine your heart a bright emerald green growing and clearing with each breath until the light exacerbates your body. You can also listen to a heart clearing bineral beat while you do this, I find the Isochronic Tones Heart Chakra by Osprey Music Inc very effective (you can find them on You Tube).

The period of cleansing is up to the individual, you will know when it is time for you to move onto the next stage, for some people its practicing this for a week while others  months. It all depends on the individual’s willingness to release and repair.

Stage 2 surround yourself with LOVE! Make your surroundings beautiful, treat yourself how you would others you love. Really LOVE yourself, you were made in the image of the creator, the creator is love and you were made with love.

Meditate for a week for 30 minutes a day, with the mantra “I align myself with the energy of love, I am love” you can also imagine a soft pink smoke or blanket that wraps around your body covering you in Love.

These changes will help you become and energetic overflowing beacon of LOVE, you will feel a total sense bliss and love all around you.  Don’t forget the law of attraction when you radiate at a state of love then that is what you attract! Love is everywhere take the time to notice it and when you do make sure you show gratitude, this will fill your heart with joy but also bring you more signs of universal love.

So put those Rosey coloured Glasses on and Give in to LOVE!

Vanessa x.

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Vanessa is an Intuitive Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Empath. She has been working with Healing energy and Reiki for the last few years. Vanessa incorporates Sharmanic techniques,Crystals and Ritual practices as an ongoing treatment plan for the client to continue their own personal journey of wellness therapy and spiritual enlightenment. 

Being able to see and hear spirit since she was born Vanessa can help others who may need to learn how to shut down, turn off and protect themselves and learn to work with spirit on their own terms.


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