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Vanessa Brett

Practice: Reiki Master, Card Readings
Location: Sydney, AUS
Delivery Method: In person, Skype

Don't Worry be Happy

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Our mind is a powerful tool it creates our present leads our future and shapes the world around us.

As the Reiki Precepts state 'For today do not worry,' be in the moment, notice your body, what is going on right now? What is this worry trying to tell you, to get you to notice to take action on? Take notice and then release it from your body as you no longer need it anymore, it has served its purpose.

Take a walk through the park or on the beach with no shoes, connect with mother earth and bring the energy out of your mind into your hara or base instinct. Breathe in the fresh air let it cleanse your physical body, chakras, etheric body, let it take away debris and leave you illuminated.

To really illuminate use some prayer beads or Buddhist beads and give gratitude for every bead until you reach the end. You will surely feel happy after this. After all we are here to have a physical experience so be happy and use this time to experience and feel everything you can in this physical realm. 

Sending you Love Laughter and Light

Vanessa Brett.

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Vanessa is an Intuitive Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Empath. She has been working with Healing energy and Reiki for the last few years. Vanessa incorporates Sharmanic techniques,Crystals and Ritual practices as an ongoing treatment plan for the client to continue their own personal journey of wellness therapy and spiritual enlightenment. 

Being able to see and hear spirit since she was born Vanessa can help others who may need to learn how to shut down, turn off and protect themselves and learn to work with spirit on their own terms.


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