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Javier Temponi

Trusting Simple Love Advice cards (Men vs Women)

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I was always fascinated about the difference in how men and women behave in different situations. This fascination grew even more for me when we started working on the Simple Love Advice’s cards. The responses you get from women were very different from the men when demonstrating the cards.

Men do not welcome advice from everyone (or everything). Men are very careful about who they discuss their emotional issues with and that represents a deep trust to their fellow friend. Women on the other hand, are more open to discuss and openly express themselves with anyone.

When a man goes after advice about an specific issue (specially emotional issue) he picks very carefully who is he going to talk to; at the same time when a man is asked for advice he takes this as an honour to been able to assist on this and to be considered for this task. This is not treaty lightly and as you can imagine it doesn’t happen that often. Every man has a group of friends that he trusts enough to discuss specific or several subjects.

Interesting enough when we started testing the cards (about a year ago) I noticed that men reacted in very different ways to the answers these cards were giving (check the video in our home page to see it for yourself). The way that the men took the advice was more skeptical than women. I was surprised and intrigued about this. I kept using the cards every chance I had with friends, family or even people I just met. The reactions were the same.

One day I understood it! I was showing the cards to a group of my closest friends in Argentina. There were about 10 people and it was really interesting that the women started playing with the cards, sharing with each other the messages and their understanding. Conversely, the men were playing it cool and just teasing about the messages they were getting. I was determined so I talked to one of my friends and asked him, “tell me what do you think about the message you got”. He agreed the answer was good and accurate but he was puzzle about how that worked.

Clue number 1: Logic didn’t allow him to fully take the message on board at that stage. The "how this works” bit was missing for him and until that is sorted out it will be difficult to take what it says on board, even if it’s accurate!

I noticed very similar situations in Body Mind Spirit in Sydney when a couple tested the cards, the girl was exited about the accuracy of the cards but the man was saying “I’m not sure, I think is wrong”. It was really amusing to see the girl reading his card saying to him that “yes, that’s you!”

Clue number 2: For men is hard to take advice when the source is not trusted.

I believe men are more careful to take advice from someone or “something” when they don’t know them. It takes more time and a few “tests” for them to confidently confirm that the advice it’s not a generic random answer. It may take awhile to see that the message is right and directed to him and it can be trusted. Once that happens it can be introduced to that small, warm a secure circle of trusted advisors he refers to when is needed.


Photo credits: Ji Yeon So

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Javier has been working with healing energy for several years. His first steps were through meditation, Tai Chi, Chi Kung and later on through Pranic Healing. He is always exploring new techniques and teachings that help him to expand his consciousness. He also has a career as Systems Engineer.


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