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Joy Lin

Practice: Mediumship, Energetic and Spiritual Healing, Reiki Master, Card Readings
Location: Sydney, AUS & California, USA
Delivery Method: In person, Skype


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Recently SIMPLE LOVE ADVICE had the pleasure to see the Dalai Lama speak in Sydney, Australia at a public talk.  One of the themes that resonated throughout the program was Oneness, in the sense that we are all connected; we are all one.


If this be the case, I write to you now to ponder this thought: if we are all one, and the person sitting next to you on the bus, at work, or at home is essentially an extended part of you, then I ask you, how have you been treating yourself lately?


Is it with compassion and kindness after a hard day’s work?  Patience when you have none?  Love when you only want to hate after a broken heart?  Yes, it is hard to believe you would treat “yourself” this way, but you do. 


Emotions get the best of you, circumstances arise and you cannot help but to lash out your feelings in fear or pain.  It does indeed occur.  We are all guilty of this… being hard on ourselves.  But do you see that when you are hard on others, it may just be another form of being hard on yourself? 


For if we are truly ONE, then you and I are just brothers and sisters, joined in connection through different bodies. And if this be the case, then I ask you to be gentle on me, for I am a mere part of you.  And in return for your kindness to yourself, I will also be kind to myself and share with you a reflection of the graciousness that you have bestowed upon us in this vast pool ofOneness.


So thank you. Be kind to one another, be kind to yourself.

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Joy Lin has been involved in energetic healing and spiritual practices for several years. She has received a Certificate of Energetic Healing from International College of Healing and Metaphysics in Sydney, Australia.  She is also Reiki certified from Nature Care College in Sydney, Australia.

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