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Joy Lin

Practice: Mediumship, Energetic and Spiritual Healing, Reiki Master, Card Readings
Location: Sydney, AUS & California, USA
Delivery Method: In person, Skype

Not always about you...

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Sorry to say that or burst your bubble for some of you, but it is true.  Sometimes what you get from another in terms of a reaction/non-reaction is usually about their issues and personal on-goings in life.  So what might appear as rejection to you or hardness and insensitivity might just be something else.  Maybe you triggered a nerve of a past love.  Maybe there is a personal occurrence going on that is bigger than what is shown on the surface.  You don’t really know the inner workings of another human being, so the best we can do is take everything with a grain of truth in their meaning and a whole mountain of compassion in how the message is being delivered. 

Trust and know that at this moment this person is reacting this way to you for a reason.  It may or may not be personal to you, but regardless, hold your boundaries, hold your integrity and react accordingly to who you are.  Your actions will be noted and your voice heard more with a whisper than a shout. 


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Joy Lin has been involved in energetic healing and spiritual practices for several years. She has received a Certificate of Energetic Healing from International College of Healing and Metaphysics in Sydney, Australia.  She is also Reiki certified from Nature Care College in Sydney, Australia.

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  • Guest
    Lora Thompson Wednesday, 30 October 2013

    Very true. We have to be also cautious of what other people feel or what other people are going through. This also is very much true with our significant other. Issues are always not all about ourselves. We have to give to our partner's thoughts and feelings in order to understand him or her more and most especially to make your relationship a better, happier and satisfying one.

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  • Joy Lin
    Joy Lin Thursday, 31 October 2013

    I completely agree Lora and have to remind myself of that daily, and put aside my own wounded ego, if a partner doesn't respond to me in the manner I hope. I have to remember they are going through their own battles and sometimes they just want to be left alone to sort things through. They want a lover, not a healer--a tough reminder to my path.

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