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Rev. Marcy Ellen

Practice: Mediumship, Energy Healing and Reiki
Location: Colorado, USA
Deliver Method: In-person, Skype

Why so serious?

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Falling in love if fun. It is a rush. If love wasn’t joyful we wouldn’t spend so much of our time searching for it, and so much of our time trying to hold onto it after we have finally found it. It’s easy to stay lighthearted and happy in the beginning however after the “love at first sight” feelings begin to fade away we forget about the fun and the rush and we begin to look seriously at the relationship that once made us feel so light and free. We must remember not to take one another so seriously. If we keep some element of play in all of our relationships we can maintain that joyfulness that we experienced in the beginning. By focusing on all the things you loved about the other person in the beginning they can never become a burden. Make time to play, to rediscover each other day in and day out. By doing this you will discover not just new things about the other person but you will discover new things about yourself . Relationships should be joyous, fun and full of love. If they aren’t then somehow you stopped relating to the other person joyously. Relax. Sometimes the only thing you need to change is your perspective. Stand back and get a new perspective, a less serious one. If you change the way you look at your relationship, your relationship will change.

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Rev. Marcy Ellen is the author of The Soul Truth; Reflections for the Waking Soul. She is a spiritual teacher, channel, energy healer, Reiki Master, radio host, and a writer for OM Times Magazine. She has a Master of Divinity Degree from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. She and her two children reside in Colorado.

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