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Rev. Marcy Ellen

Practice: Mediumship, Energy Healing and Reiki
Location: Colorado, USA
Deliver Method: In-person, Skype


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What you receive is what you are putting out. How you perceive others is how you subconsciously perceive yourself. Your beliefs and attributes are projected outward and they are mirrored back to you by other people. If you want to change the reflection you see, change the image that is doing the reflecting. When you shift something within, everything shifts, including your perception of the people around you. When you begin projecting a new image, a new image will be reflected back to you. At the core of your very essence you are love, so if you are not seeing or feeling love in the world around you then there is something within you that is looking to be shed. Our flaws call attention to themselves through the mirrored images of others. This is how they get you to become aware of them and finally accept them. By accepting your flaws you will naturally begin to shed them or evolve past them. Then miraculously underneath you will discover attributes that are more loving and more serving. You will discover your true and authentic self, which is loveā€¦. And that is the self worth giving.

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Rev. Marcy Ellen is the author of The Soul Truth; Reflections for the Waking Soul. She is a spiritual teacher, channel, energy healer, Reiki Master, radio host, and a writer for OM Times Magazine. She has a Master of Divinity Degree from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. She and her two children reside in Colorado.

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