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Rev. Marcy Ellen

Practice: Mediumship, Energy Healing and Reiki
Location: Colorado, USA
Deliver Method: In-person, Skype


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Depression, although viewed mostly as a negative condition can actually be seen as a positive situation if we can see the purpose behind it and the state in which it will eventually propel us into. Being that this physical world is one of duality a person cannot experience a high without a low. We can be in a place of neutrality but more often than not as humans we get to experience ups and downs that actually balance out our lives.

Normally when we experience these emotional highs and lows the lows aren’t necessarily so low that they interfere with our daily lives. This could be compared to the tides of the oceans going in and out on a regular basis. They are timely, dependable, and always maintaining some kind of universal balance. However at times there are lows we experience that are a little more severe and can be perceived as troublesome because they do in fact keep us from operating our lives at a familiar capacity.

If we see the depression in reference to the whole picture of our lives we can begin to understand or perceive it as a positive situation rather than a negative one. The reason being is that if everything here in the world of duality naturally seeks to attain balance then a depression will at some point have to balance itself out with a high or a period of inspiration and motivation of equal intensity. This could be compared to the balancing act of a tsunami. The water may recede further than usual but the tide that flows back in to replace that recession or depression will also be much higher and more powerful than normal.

Depression can be seen as a flag or a sign post that our spirits or our souls need to recede into a protective shell or cocoon in order to conserve energy. When we are in that state it is not without purpose. It is because our bodies need regeneration, our minds need rest, and our spirits need rejuvenation for a spiritual shift that is taking place in our lives.

There is a tendency, especially in this country, to throw medication at every physical problem we encounter. There are cases where medication can be helpful but it shouldn’t be seen as a solution in every case. Masking or numbing pain with medication may take the pain away temporarily but it doesn’t deal with the actual reason that the depression occurred in the first place.

A depression is a call from spirit to look at something in our lives that we have been ignoring and haven’t wanted to deal with. If we break our arm the pain is a sign that something is wrong. However if we just take pain medication and never repair the broken bones that are causing the pain in the first place the problem will persist. Medication shouldn’t be seen as a cure. It should be seen as a band-aid that can assist us while the real healing takes place underneath.

When we begin to feel ourselves moving into a state of depression it is so much more helpful if we don’t fight or resist it. Remember that what we resist persists. If instead we accept this state our spirit is naturally pulling us into and go with it peacefully the healing process will automatically begin through reflection, stillness, and rest. We can even meditate on why we are being led into this period of spiritual recession so that we can be aware of what it is in our lives that is calling out to be healed. When we give ourselves permission, without guilt, to have these lows then the rewards will be so much greater when we finally re-surface.

If the waters of your life are receding don’t worry. Let the water recede peacefully knowing that it goes with purpose. Then stand back and watch as that water comes back into your life also with purpose. Each recession or depression will lead you into a powerful surge of inspiration that could not have come otherwise. The words spirit and inspire both derive from the Latin word spirare which literally means to breathe. These emotional highs and lows that we experience are just the natural breathing process of our spirits. In order to receive a full breath of air or life we must first let our lungs empty themselves completely. Exhaling must precede inhaling, and depression must precede great periods of inspiration.

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Rev. Marcy Ellen is the author of The Soul Truth; Reflections for the Waking Soul. She is a spiritual teacher, channel, energy healer, Reiki Master, radio host, and a writer for OM Times Magazine. She has a Master of Divinity Degree from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. She and her two children reside in Colorado.

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