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Joy Lin

Practice: Mediumship, Energetic and Spiritual Healing, Reiki Master, Card Readings
Location: Sydney, AUS & California, USA
Delivery Method: In person, Skype

Connecting To Your Innerself

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When you read an inspirational post on Facebook, or hear a brilliant quote from a spiritual leader, the response that usually follows is one of agreement and resonance.  Why?  Because these statements are nothing new to you on a soul level, but they trigger a cognizance reminder to you on a physical level.  Meaning deep down, we all really do have all the answers.  We know what to do, we just sometimes get off center and ungrounded where we let doubt creep into our minds.


Here is a simple exercise to help you connect to those answers within yourself.  Let’s say you have to make a decision about a situation, for example, to move to the USA or not.


1)   Take a deep breath and let your breath sink deeply into your body.  Relax and clear your mind as much as possible, so that your mind and body come to a neutral position. 

2)   Then step to your RIGHT and say a decision out loud.  Example:  I am moving to the USA. 

3)   See how that statement feels in your body.  Does your chest tighten?  Does your pulse quicken?  How does your stomach feel? 

4)   Now step back to the neutral position and clear your mind and body of that thought. 

5)   Now step to the LEFT and say the opposite statement.  Example:  I am NOT going to move to the USA. 

6)   See how that statement feels in your body.  Observe your body’s reaction to both statements. 


Your body will naturally be more comfortable with one statement.  People often say, the body knows before the mind.  So trust what your body is saying to you.


That is the foundation of SIMPLE LOVE ADVICE oracle cards; you already have all the answers within you. Come explore at for more lovely thoughts and inspiration to help you connect with your own inner wisdom!




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Joy Lin has been involved in energetic healing and spiritual practices for several years. She has received a Certificate of Energetic Healing from International College of Healing and Metaphysics in Sydney, Australia.  She is also Reiki certified from Nature Care College in Sydney, Australia.

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