You can find more information and insights about the messages you get from the cards here. Look for the messages below by the card's title. These additional messages provide support and advice from other healing contributors that will provide you insight and a new perspective to the message you received.


Warning!    Listen to your ‘gut feeling’.   In the Vedic traditions, the third chakra, Manipura, is located at the naval. It is where we receive energies, and also where we analyse them, which is why we get ‘knots’ in our...
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The bells are chiming and you can no longer ignore what has been evident to you for some time now. Change and action is required. What was mainly felt will soon be seen. You can no longer ignore the truth that you...
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A warning in your heart may be saying that things are not quite right.  You should listen to this warning for it is in this warning that your greatest intentions are met.  Listen to the guidance that is coming to you...
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