You can find more information and insights about the messages you get from the cards here. Look for the messages below by the card's title. These additional messages provide support and advice from other healing contributors that will provide you insight and a new perspective to the message you received.


Patterns... This life? It’s about lessons.  Lessons, by their nature, happen in cycles. When the Universe is trying to teach you something, it will send a series of events, the individual circumstances of which are very different, but the elements of...
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Patterns are formed unconsciously and consciously throughout our lives. We learn behaviours from childhood and society as we experience all different aspects of our life. Life conditions trigger them, our tribes support them, and before we know it we believe the...
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Patterns. Running round in circles. Post-it-notes to self. Things scribbled in a iPhone calendar. Sketches on a dinner table napkin. The list is endless. We all fall into such patterns. But are they the right ones for us? ...
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We are such creatures of habit. Without even realizing it we do the same things over and over again and we are genuinely surprised when we keep getting the same results. If you aren’t happy with the outcomes you are getting...
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Patterns are funny things.  They are subconscious habits within our conscious control.   Patterns are about the opportunity to create yourself again and again, reinventing yourself to fulfil your highest potential within.  You knowingly have the conscious ability to change your patterns. ...
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