Frequent Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions we found among the people that used the cards. 

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  • 1. What are the Simple Love Advice cards? +

    The cards work as a link between your innerwisdom and your question. We believe that all the answers are within us and this cards will help you to reach that inner wisdom to answer all your questions. They are a tool to help to clearly see what to change or not to change in relationship situations. 
  • 2. How they work? +

    The cards are very simple to use and you just need to follow a few simple steps: 1) Take 3 deep breaths. 2) Begin shuffling the cards, asking the question in your mind or out loud. 3) When you feel ready, choose a card.  4)That card will give you the answer to your question. The steps are very simple and you can even find your own way to use them, trust that there is no way of doing it wrong!
  • 3. What happens if one card pops up while I'm shuffling? +

    Is up to you to decide what to do. What we recommend is to take that card as a message directed to you but if you don't feel the card resonates with your question then, just put it back on the deck and repeat the instructions to pick a new card.
  • 4. How to interpret the cards? +

    Read the message given on each card.  Don’t jump to conclusions.  Not everything may apply specifically to your question.  Take notice of what words or phrases resonate you.  How do you feel?  What other questions come up for you as you read the message.  For more guidance check out our website, and look under the expanded messages heading.
  • 5. The message in the card is OK but I would like to know more about the message? +

    You can go to the "Messages" in the menu on top and you will get more insights about the card message.
  • 6. Do I need access to the web to understand the Cards messages? +

    The cards will provide you enough information to answer your question. We understand that some times you might want more information or insight about your question and that is what the Messages section is about. We expanded on the messages with contributions from other healers and counsellors that will provide additional insight to your question.
  • 7. Can I lend my cards to a friend? +

    You can do that, but we recommend you to clean the cards (energitically) after someone else use it. Please check the card's cleaning instructions inside the box.
  • 8. Can I pick more than one card at a time? +

    We recommend you to start with one at a time and when you get more familiar with the deck you will be able to pick more cards as part of an wider explanation to your question. Understanding this might take some time so we recommend you to start with just one card at the begining.
  • 9. Can I ask the same question more than one time? +

    The cards respond to your energy. Repeatedly asking the question may influence the card you get, meaning that you may not have an objective reading. We recommend to meditate on the card message rather than keep looking for clearer answer.
  • 10. Can I ask about my work using this cards? +

    Relationships are all around us and that is the purpose of the cards, to help you with any kind of relationships, family, friends, work and partner relationships.
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